The real exclusivity of a product lies in the long time it takes expert and skillful hands to make it.

Each pair of TTcalzolaio's is handmade and handsewn.
It takes long time, professionalism and great attention to every details.


The first step to create a pair of handmade shoes is the initial selection of the calf skin and hand cutting, which has to be checked for any imperfections. TTcalzolaio uses only French calf skin, certified exotic leather and real Italian leather.


The leather cuonter-forts and toe-caps are first cut and soaked. Then they are applied between the upper and the lining. These reinforcements confer the shoes a beautiful form and prevent any deformation due to the wear and the contact with the water.

Hand Drafting

The upper is drawn with pincers and fixed on the last with dozen staples. The lasted upper is further tightened on the last and any protuberances are tapped out. Strength and precision are essential for a perfect outcome.

Hand Sewing

The next step is the stitching of the welt together with the upper and the insole. And then the welt together with the sole. An awl and a two meter long thread, skillful hands and alert eyes are necessary to make straight and precise stiches.

Bottom Filling

A wood strip is placed at the bottom of the shoe between the insole and the sole, and a cork mixture is used to fill the cavity between the sole and the welt, in order to guarantee stability and elasticity during the movement.


The heel is fixed and the shoe is given a wax polish by hand. The leather seems like silk and the shoe a real work of art.